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Toyota Prius P3030 or P3009 Trouble Codes

Toyota Prius P3030 or P3009 Trouble Codes

Here at Maxat Hybrid Repair, we can provide solutions when your first-generation Toyota Prius (model years 2001 through 2003) shows either a trouble code P3030 or a code P3009.

Code P3030 means “High Voltage Line Snapped”. This means there is either a broken or corroded circuit in the harness of your Toyota Prius battery. Code P3009 in relation to the battery means there is a High Voltage Leak detected. While these codes or meanings may not make sense to you, surely you are aware that your car is not currently functioning the way it should be. Hybrid battery problems are costly and stressful as they can keep your car off the road for long periods of time.

While some repair shops will automatically jump to the conclusion that it is time to replace the battery, our repair shop will investigate the possibility of repairing the battery for much less money. If your warranty has expired, the cost of a brand new battery will be at least $3,000 plus installation costs. You could save some money by purchasing a refurbished or used battery, but this will still cost you over $2,000 and there is no telling how much longer the used battery will last.

We can repair the battery for much less money. Our rate for a Toyota Prius battery repair is about $950 with tax at the time of this posting. While this is not a small amount by any means, it is still much less money than you would pay for a new or used replacement battery. We are able to save you money by getting to the bottom of the problem and repairing the battery, rather than taking the easy route and replacing the battery as other shops might do.

Car problems come up when you least expect it and vehicle owners often cannot afford a big fix like a battery replacement. It is good to know your options for replacement or repair. Research your options before making a decision. This will likely leave you feeling better that you made the best decision to fit your current needs and budget. Feel free to contact our shop to see how we can help you out. As always, Maxat Hybrid Repair will be happy to assist you and get your car back in working condition.

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